Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Best Way of Employee Retention - Employer Branding

Brand Association, internally as well as externally, is key to growth of any company. There are 2 pillars of any organisation - Employees and Customers. Without any one of them, Organisation can not grow. It is very important that they feel attached to the Brand all the time.

There are 2 pillars of any organisation - Employees and Customers.

Lately, there has been a Big focus driving towards Employer Branding, which can act as an instrument for Organization

  • To position themselves as potential Employers to attract talent from the industry
  • To create Brand Association among Existing Employees to retain Best Talent

Is Brand Association a Responsibility of Human Resource Function for Existing Employees? The answer is YES. Since Employee retention is the responsibility of HR function, they can not shy away from doing Brand Association. However they alone are not responsible for Brand Association.

According to Cambridge Business English Dictionary, Brand Association is "anything such as a symbol, famous person, etc. that makes a consumer think of a particular brand or product." So what is Employer Branding in current context? It is "anything such as Symbol, Logo, etc. that makes an Employee think of the Organisation's Brand or Product".

Is Employer Branding important? Yes, it is equally important to retain Our current talent. Employer Branding gives a sense of attachment to Existing Employees towards the Organisation. They feel proud of working and giving their 100% towards the growth of the Organisation.

What are the Best Way to do Employer Branding? From the definition, let us identify the key ingredients of Brand Association:

1. There has to be a Logo, Name, Symbol, etc
2. It should be visible to the Employee quite frequently

There are hundreds of ways to do Employer Branding. However the one which blends utility with Branding should always be more preferred. On top of it, if you can give personal flavor to it, that will be The Best Employer Branding. Should it cost more and will hit your financial budget? Certainly NOT. Few of the options are:

1. New Year Executive Diary: This is the great product to do Employer Branding at the reasonable cost. Diaries offer daily utility in Corporate world. It is used by everyone irrespective of their function, hierarchy in the organisation and offers maximum utility to everyone. Doing branding of logo, product, etc. on the Diary will act as Brand Association with Employees. In last few years, Organisation has started printing Person's name to give Personal flavor to Brand Association. Employees will feel attached to the Organisation through out the year.

2. Business Diary Organizer: This is a premium version of New Year Diary. A Business Diary Organizer can include Diary, Pen, Calculator, Notepad, Telephone Diary, Card Holder, etc., thus providing multiple utility to Employees. While cost will be higher than New Year Executive Diaries, it can be used for multiple years, which is not the case in New Year Diary. Apart from this, it looks much more premium and is excellent for Employees who moves out quite frequently like sales force. Again, you can do Logo printing, Name printing, Product branding on Business Organizers.

3. Table Calendar: Table Calendar is another product which is used across breadth and width of Organisation through the year. You can find this on every Office desk. This also does not cost bomb, at the same time, provides maximum utility. It is very useful to do Employer Branding by printing Logo, product Images, Employee's Name, etc. Recently, Organizations have started to do Personal Name printing, which acts as a catalyst to Employer Branding.

4. Customized T-Shirts: This is an evergreen product which is extensively and successfully used by every organization through the year. T-Shirts can be economical as well as premium, depending on your budget. The biggest difference in T-Shirt is that it gives External Branding as well, along with Internal, as it will be used outside office premises as well. Organisations have started printing names of Employees to give the personal touch along with Brand Association. It does Wonders, with marginally additional cost. T-Shirt provides larger surface area, multi usage, internal and external branding, Brand Association, etc.

While these are some of the methods of Employer Branding, the list does not end here. Please let us know what do you think about Employer Branding and How can you do effective Employer Branding.

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